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Perhaps you’ve read Prudent Living Magazine or visited the Prudent Living Online Market. Maybe you’ve even read the Prudent Living company blog. Have you ever wondered what my relationship is with Prudent Living? After all our logos are quite similar!

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Icons for Prudent Living & On The Home Front

Prudent Living, Inc. is a company located in Windsor, VT. Here is a quote from their website, “Prudent Living offers services, strategies, products and a community that encourage a prudent way of life. Started in 2009 by Biebel Builders, quality home and commercial builders in Windsor, Vermont since 1976, Prudent Living provides customers with energy-efficient architectural design; green strategies for homebuilding and renovation; energy audits; and renewable alternatives such as solar, wind and geothermal. More than just builders of houses, Prudent Living helps people build an intentional life –whether it’s by carefully managing natural resources, spending wisely, protecting health or by safeguarding the health of the planet. The Prudent Living community relies on the dynamic web site, informative blogs and free quarterly Prudent Living e-Magazine for practical suggestions for daily life.” They help people like you make thoughtful, intelligent choices about living in a way that preserves resources –yours and the planet.

prudent living

What Prudent Living Can Do For You.

Prudent Living, Inc. also has an online market of prudent products. The items sold in the store have been hand picked to help you in your quest to live a more prudent life.

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Check out the Prudent Living Online Market

When we first moved to Vermont many years ago we hired Bieble Builders to build our home. It was a passive solar designed house built to take advantage of the free solar energy to help heat our home. We have always had a garden and I work hard to preserve what we grow to enjoy the harvest throughout the year. In other words we have been living the prudent life for years.

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On The Home Front

It was a natural progression to start a blog about my experiences. I not only write articles for the Prudent Living Magazine (a free online magazine that comes out four times a year) but I also write this blog On the Home Front, where I talk about my experience of prudent living on the home front.

It’s an exciting company to be involved in. Be sure to check out their website, read their magazine and visit the online store. Prudent Living offers you the resources to move toward a more prudent way of life.

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Read the Prudent Living Magazine

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