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We all want to be healthy and live a healthier life. There are many simple steps we can take to do this.

Beware of liquid calories. When you drink a sugary beverage, you don’t feel as full as if you had eaten the same calories from solid food. Studies show that people consuming sugary beverages don’t compensate for their high caloric content by eating less food, thus resulting in weight gain!soda

A simple rule to remember is one Lewis First, MD and Jerry Larrabee, MD suggest to parents. This advice would be good for us all to head. Their daily remedy calls for a “5-2-1-0” prescription. That is 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables, two hours or less of screen time, one hour of exercise and no sugar-sweetened beverages.

Understand the natural sugars vs the added sugars. Soda is the number one primary sour e of added sugars in Americans diets. Added sugars are those that don’t occur naturally in food or beverages. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans advise that you limit intake of added sugars as they cause weight gain and can prevent you from eating more nutrient rich foods.

Avoid fruit juice, even though fruit juice has more nutrients, it still contains as much sugar and calories as soft drinks!

Here are several ways you can save calories by making healthier choices.

Instead of drinking a medium café latte made from whole milk (265 calories) try a small café latte made with fat free milk (125 calories).Cafe LatteInstead of drinking a 20oz bottle of non-diet cola with your lunch (227 calories) drink a bottle of water. (0 calories)

Instead of drinking a 16oz sweetened lemon iced tea from the vending machine (180 calories) enjoy a sparkling water with natural lemon flavor (0 calories) or brew your own glass of iced tea.

At dinnertime instead of drinking a 12oz glass of non-diet ginger ale with your meal try a plain glass of water or one with a slice of lemon or lime (0 calories).

With just these simples steps you will save yourself over 670 calories!








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Nancy On The Home Front

During the winter months when there is so much flu going around we try to take all precautions to stay healthy. When my son was younger he would usually be the one to catch whatever flu bug was going around. A friend of mine shared this recipe for The Master Tonic and once we started using it even my son stayed healthy! I’ve often thought it would also make a good seasoning for a Chinese dish! It is meant to be used to gargle with first and then you swallow it. If you use really hot peppers I swear you can feel the heat flowing through your blood vessels. I have shared this with several friends who now use it regularly during the flu season as well.

I share it with you today exactly as it was shared with me. Beware when you chop fresh horseradish the fumes are quite powerful and when you chop hot peppers DO NOT rub your eyes, and be sure to wear gloves!

Wear gloves when chopping  hot peppers!

Wear gloves when chopping hot peppers!

Master Tonic: A Natural Antibiotic

Pro biotic: antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical.

Important note: As required by law, this information is provided by the right of free speech for educational purposes only, as natural or non-pharmaceutical remedies or therapies are in some nations today now often deemed illegal. We must therefore insist that if you are ill or have any disease or healthy problem that you contact a medical doctor immediately and ask their advice before trying any formulae, or suggestion given in this material.

This is a modern-day version of a recipe for an extremely powerful natural antibiotic originally used to fight infection like the Bubonic Plague that killed over a third of the world in the 1300’s. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics it fights both bacteria and viruses, and is effective against pathogens that have developed immunity to existing drugs.

hot peppers, horseradish, garlic, ginger, vinegar

Master Tonic Ingredients

Master Tonic:

1 part fresh chopped garlic cloves (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral anti-parasitical)
1 part fresh chopped white onion, hottest onions available (similar properties to garlic)
1 part fresh gated ginger root (increases circulation to the extremities)
1 part fresh grated horseradish root (increases blood flow to the head)
1 part fresh chopped Cayenne Peppers, the hottest peppers available, i.e. Habanero, African Bird, or Scotch Bonnets etc. (A great blood stimulant)
1 bottle raw, unfiltered, unbleached, non-distilled apple cider vinegar

Fill a large glass jar ¾ of the way full with equal parts of the above peeled, fresh, chopped or grated herbs.

garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, hot peppers

Ingredients layered in a large glass jar.

I use a ½ gallon glass-canning jar and add a cup of each of the above ingredients.master tonic Then fill up the rest of the jar to the top with raw, unfiltered, unbleached, non-distilled apple cider vinegar.Master tonic

(It should look milky) shake jar at least once a day for two weeks.

Unfiltered Master Tonic

Unfiltered Master Tonic

After two weeks filter the mixture through a clean piece of cotton (an old t-shirt) or cheesecloth, then bottle and label. If possible make sure all the vegetables and herbs are fresh and organically grown, use dried herbs only in an emergency.

This tonic stimulates maximum blood circulation while putting the best detoxifying herbs into the blood. It strengthens the good guys (probiotic) in your system that help defend against infection that broad-spectrum pharmaceutical antibiotics kill. This formula is not just for the sniffles; it has helped to turn around the deadliest of infections.

The dosage is ½ to 1 ounce, two or three times daily (1-2 Tbsps. a time), gargle and swallow. Don’t dilute with water. For ordinary infections, a dropperful taken 5-6 times a day will deal with most conditions. I am not a doctor so if you have any concerns check with your doctor before using.

(The friend that shared this with me got it from The University of Natural Healing, Dr. Richard Schultzs’ adaption of Dr. Christopher’s’ original anti-plague tonic)

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