This recipe was adapted from one I found on Since then I’ve also found it elsewhere such as on the blog. Some of the variations also have you add heavy cream to the salsa. I left the cream out.

Remember the Beer Can Chicken I made last week? Well there was some leftover chicken and it was just enough to make these delicious enchiladas! I imagine they would freeze well; they certainly heat up well for lunch the next day!

Honey-Lime Chicken Enchiladas

6 Tbsp honey
4-5 Tbsp lime juice
1 Tbsp chili powder
½ tsp garlic powder

seasoning, chicken dish

Honey, limes and chili seasoning.

1 pound cooked chicken, shredded (you can also use shredded pork)
8-10 flour tortillas
1 pound Pepperjack Cheese shredded
16oz Homemade Tomatillo Mexican Salsa

Mix first four ingredients together and toss with the shredded chicken.

enchiladas, chicken

Chicken, honey, chili and lime juice.

Let it marinate for at least a half an hour. Pour some of the salsa on the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Fill flour tortillas with chicken and some shredded cheese; reserve a cup of the cheese. Roll up and place seam side down in the dish.

chicken, Mexican

Chicken enchiladas before cooking.

Pour the rest of the salsa over the enchiladas then sprinkle with about 1 cup of cheese. Bake 350 for 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Enchiladas, recipe box

Honey-Lime Chicken Enchiladas

chicken, Mexican

Chicken enchiladas and kale salad

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Several months ago I was reading the ModernAlternativeMama blog, and came across this recipe for making your own sore muscle salve. As gardening season was coming up I bookmarked it just in case I might want to make it at some point.

After too many days of working in the garden fighting the weeds I decided it was time to try this sore muscle salve. I placed an order with Mountain Rose Herbs and decided to use my own lavender, which I’ve been harvesting.

The ingredients are few:

salve, prudent living

Almond Oil, Yarrow, Arnica Flowers and Lavender

½ cup of any edible, safe oil, I used almond oil
1 Tbsp lavender flowers, dried
1 Tbsp yarrow dried
1 Tbsp arnica flowers, dried
2 Tbsp of bee’s wax

First pour your oil into a medium saucepan. Add the herbs.

herbs, salve

Oil and Herbs

Stir to combine them, turn the pan on low heat and allow this to simmer (not boil, keep it very low and warm) and infuse for 2-3 hours. I found that I actually had to turn the stove off at times, we have a gas stove and even the low heat was too high.

After 2-3 hours strain the herbs out of the mixture, reserving the oil and discarding the herbs.

herbs, oil, salve

Strain the herbs and discard.

Return the oil to the pan and add the beeswax.

wax, salve


Keeping it on low heat, stir occasionally until the wax has melted. Pour into a 4oz glass jar and put a lid on it. As it cools, it will solidify into a creamy salve.

muscles, salve

Sore Muscle Salve

To use it just put a little onto your fingers and rub into your sore muscles. The smell is wonderful and I know my muscles are going to enjoy this special treatment.

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Attending the seed saving class is one of the highlights of the month for me. Sylvia’s gardens are always picture perfect and it’s amazing to see the difference one month makes in her gardens. Of course my gardens change as well, but since I’m in them everyday I don’t see it so clearly.

gardens, seed saving

Sylvia’s Garden’s


The agenda for our July class was to check on the progress of the grains and other plants that were going to seed.

wheat, seed saving, Prudent Living

Heirloom wheat

Also discussed were protecting crops from birds and animals. When you are saving your seeds the plants need to be protected from insects, birds and animals and to do this you want to use natural methods. Sylvia covers her grains and ties a string around them to keep the chipmunks out. She’s tried traps but once the grain is ripe the animals much prefer the grain to anything she can put in the trap.

wheat, seeds, seed saving

Ripe wheat heads.

She also used a shiny  bird flash tape, which the birds think is fire! I guess it works, as we didn’t see any birds in her garden.

 protecting crops, grains

Covered grain and bird flash tape.


We also talked about the various isolation techniques used when you want to save your seeds as well as maintaining variety purity and vigor. Plants can be isolated by covering them with row covers.

plant isolation, seed saving

Using row covers to isolate plants.

They can also be isolated by only planting one variety.

lettuce, seeds, seed saving

Flowering lettuce.

I find the two hours well spent and I come away with pages of notes and a renewed interest in growing and saving my own seeds.

seed saving, gardening, prudent living

Our outdoor classroom.


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One of the easiest ways to save money is to make your own rather than buying store bought food. Here are just a few ideas of foods that don’t take a lot of time to mix up and will save you money,

Granola – Forget buying the expensive store-bought granola. Click on this link for a simple and delicious granola recipe.

granola, pantry, cereal, homemade

Store granola in an airtight container.

Amazing Overnight Waffles– This recipe can be mixed up the night before so it’s just about ready to go in the morning. These waffles can also be frozen and are tastier that any store version of frozen waffles.

waffles, breakfast, prudent living

Amazing Overnight Waffles

Yogurt– I started making yogurt on a regular basis once I found out how easy it was. I usually make it plain but it’s easy enough to add fruit or vanilla to flavor it.

yogurt, homemade

Finished product.

Bread– Use a mixer or a bread machine or your hands. By making your bread at home you know exactly what is in it. I make three loaves at a time, and put two in the freezer for later use.

bread, whole wheat, homemade

We usually keep one loaf to eat and freeze the other two.

Chicken Broth– Make your own with water, bones and the chicken carcass. Freeze or pressure can for use later.

pressure canning, prudent pantry

Chicken Broth, ready for the pantry.

Dog Biscuits– Don’t forget the dog! These simple biscuits only take minutes to mix up. Our dog loves them!

homemade dog biscuits, prudent pantry

Finished dog biscuits

These are just a few ideas. You’d be surprised at how little time it really takes to make some of the simple items you usually purchase in the store. What do you make from scratch?

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Our weather has gotten warmer over the last few days and I try to use our grill whenever possible. Working our way through the freezer I decided to cook a whole chicken that was taking up room. The last thing I wanted to do was roast a chicken in the oven, but no reason why we couldn’t cook one on the grill. The choice was to make a Beer Can Chicken. You can Google “beer can chicken” and find all sorts of recipes. I found one on that sounded simple and delicious. I made a few adaptations as I had a wonderful jar of grilling spices from Mountain Rose Herbs.

First the grill was prepared for indirect heat. Once the coals were going we pushed them to either side and put in an aluminum pan to act as a drip pan.

grilling, chicken

Grilling over indirect heat.

I rubbed the chicken all over with olive oil and seasoned the chicken inside and out with the grilling spices.

I took a can of beer, opened it and poured out half of the beer. I then lowered the chicken on the open can, so that the chicken was sitting upright with the can in its cavity.

beer can chicken, recipe box

Set the chicken on the can.

The chicken was placed on the grill directly over the pan.

beer can chicken, prudent living

Place the chicken on the grill and cover

The cover was put on the grill and left alone for one hour. At that point you can check the chicken with a thermometer. Keep checking the chicken every 15 minutes or so until the internal temperature inserted into the thickest past of the thigh reads 160-165. The total cooking time will vary depending on the size of your chicken, and the internal temperature of the grill.

Once the chicken is done, carefully transfer it to a tray or pan. Be very careful because the beer can, and the beer inside it, is quite hot. Let the chicken rest for ten minutes. Carefully lift the chicken off the beer can. This may take two people!

The meat is so delicious and practically falls off the bone!  It’s a perfect summer meal!

chicken, beer can chciken

Beer Can Chicken, ready to enjoy!

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Recently I have committed to not filling my freezer. As I’ve mentioned before we have a dozen chickens that will be ready for the freezer in another month and I need to make room for them. So rather than freeze some chicken stock I made I decided to use my pressure canner and can it. Soup or soup stock is quickly and easily canned. Soup or stock should always be cooked ready for serving, then poured into a clean, hot Mason jar, leaving a one inch head space.

If you have a pressure canner follow the directions for your specific canner. Chicken broth MUST be canned with a pressure canner; a water bath canner will not work.

canning, processing

My Pressure Canner

I made a nice chicken broth from a roast chicken we had recently. I simmered the carcass in a large pot, covered with water, for 3 hours. I then strained the broth and picked the meat off the bones. I had enough meat to actually make another dinner. Once the broth was chilled I removed the fat that had collected on the surface. It was then ready to can.

Just like any other canning process I heated my jars to sterilize them.

canning, prudent pantry

I also reheated the chicken broth to a boil. Once the jars were hot I filled the jars, leaving a 1 inch head space. I placed lids on all the jars. The jars were then placed in my pressure canner and I followed the directions processing at 11 pounds of pressure for 20 minutes since these were pints. In 25 minutes I have pints of chicken stock ready for the pantry.

pressure canning, prudent pantry

Chicken Broth, ready for the pantry.


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