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I love to garden and I love my gardening tools! I have a few favorite tools that make the job of weeding so much easier! I thought I would share my favorites with you!

My garden is a walk from the house and the wheelbarrow is the perfect “tool” to carry everything in! I love the small size of this wheelbarrow, when it is full of rocks from the garden I can actually empty it without any problem. It seems I am always pulling rocks from the garden here in Vermont, even after working the soil for ten years!

gardening, garden tools

Trusty wheelbarrow

White Bucket
This bucket has so many uses; I use it to carry all my tools in. I can also turn it over and sit on it when I am weeding.

gardening, tools

White Bucket

Or I can fill it with weeds to feed to the chickens! The chickens are so used to getting goodies out of the white bucket, when they see me coming they all come running!

chickens, hens

Curious Chickens!

weeding tools

Small gardening hand tools.

Weeding Tools
These weeding tools are the tools I use all the time! I have an abundance of weeds and these tools are invaluable!  One website called the narrow one on the left a Cape Cod Weeder. It works well for edging a garden bed as well.  The wider one on the right is perfect for those really suborn weeds. It is called a Korean Weeder. It was a gift from my aunt and uncle and I think of them every time I use it. The third tool in the middle is a small cultivator, in fact I think it was actually a tool my mother passed along to me. It’s perfect for cultivating the soil around your plants. I have a long handled version as well, which is perfect for those days when you just don’t feel like getting down on your hands and knees!

tools, garden

Long handled Gardening Tools.

Every gardener needs a hoe! It has so many uses from cultivating the soil to planting. I often use the edge of it to make rows to plant my seeds.

Gardeners Supply, gardening

Kneeling pad

Kneeling Pad
As I get older I appreciate having a kneeling pad more and more! It gives my knees a little break and makes the hard ground just a little more comfortable! It has also been used for various other projects such as sanding the deck! this one came from Gardener’s Supply and I’ve had it forever!

I don’t mind working in the dirt without gloves but when I wear gloves I have two favorites. One pair is made of leather and is from the company WomansWork, they are designed for women’s hands and last for ever!

gardening gloves

Woman’s Work Gloves

They are heavy duty so they are perfect for projects that are a little harder on my gloves, like stacking wood!

wood, heat

Chopped wood

My other pair of gloves I picked up at the hardware store, nothing fancy but leather on one side and breathable fabric on the other. I usually wear out my gloves and have to pick up a new pair each year. This pair seems to be working really well plus I love the color!

gloves, gardening

Gardening Gloves

I have other tools hanging in our garage but these are my favorite! They help to make my time in the garden just a bit more productive!

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