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Last year we made a wonderful three-bin composter.

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Three Bin Composter

Over the summer and into the fall we would layer weeds and chicken shavings into the bins. We didn’t spend enough time turning the pile or even paying much attention to the bins. The problem with this is that turning your pile may mean all the difference between getting compost within 4-8 weeks or 3-8 months.

Neglected compost bins.

Neglected compost bins.

Every pile needs an influx of oxygen to help things decompose. Lack of oxygen means slower decomposition, lower temperatures and possible odors! Ideally you should turn your pile every 7-10 days. This is easily done with a garden fork, a shovel or a compost aerator.

We decided to combine the bins, layer the materials we’ve collected and create optimum conditions for good compost production.

Filling the bins.

Filling the bins.

We started with the bin with the least amount of material. What was in the bin was turned over and combined. We then took the material from the other two bins and layered the material making sure there was a good mixture of greens and browns.

Ready for compost production,

Ready for compost production,

We will spend more time turning these new piles regularly and by the fall we should have a good amount of compost to add to the garden.

English: A picture of compost soil

Beautiful compost.

If you want to create compost there are four rules to remember. Use quality materials, have adequate volume in your pile, have consistent moisture and good air circulation.

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