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Several months ago I spent a weekend at the Prudent Living booth at the Hanover Home Show.

Prudent Living, Home Show

Hanover, NH Home Show

It was a great weekend with many opportunities to interact with local people and find out what they thought about “Prudent Living”. During my time at the booth I asked people if they would be willing to share a frugal tip. I was amazed at the variety of answers, everything from “what’s a frugal tip?” to folks that should be writing a book! I managed to collect over 35 different frugal tips. I’d like to share a few with you today.

Frugal & Prudent Living Tips From the Home show

1.  Grow your own vegetables.

gardening, vegetables

vegetables from the garden

2.  Recycle to have less garbage.
3.  Buy in bulk.
4.  Cook from scratch.
5.  Instead of buying egg replacer substitute a banana! (Used what was on hand)
6.  Use coupons every week.

coupons, frugal, price book, prudent living


7.  Get all your Christmas presents from recycling.
8.  Shut off lights when not in use.
9.  Turn down your heat when not at home.

heat control, frugal tip, prudent living


10. Buy chicken bones from the local co-op to make stock.
11. Re-use your plastic bags.

recycle, re-use

Re-use your plastic bags!

12. Use refillable water bottles instead of buying disposable bottles.
13. Hang your clothes outside.

clothes drying, prudent living


14. Raise your own chickens for meat and eggs.

chickens, eggs, hens

Fresh Eggs

15. The funniest reply I got was a man who said he leaves his wife home when shopping!

shopping, frugal tips

Men and women shopping

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3 comments on “Frugal Tips: Prudent Living Tips from the Home Show

Cynthia on June 13, 2012 7:56 am

Those Frugal & Prudent Living Tips are really wonderful. Recycle, re-use, grow vegetables and cook by yourselves. All of those tips are easy to do, but it’s hard to stick them out. Living a easy and free life is very difficult in the modern society. I like those tips. As a coupon clipper, I insist on using coupons every time I shop things. it’s easy and it do save a lot if you know how to take full use of coupons. I always get coupons from sites like, Let start to live a frugal lift from spending less!

Nancy on June 13, 2012 10:28 am

Here’s to living the frugla life! Thanks for the coupon link as well.

Jenn @ The Purposeful Mom on June 16, 2012 3:38 pm

We love growing our own vegetables! Wish I could hang my laundry outside but I need to get a clothesline first! :) Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday :)

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