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If you are like me you search for the cheapest price of an item whether you are in a store or online. Once I have found a good price on an item there is one further step I take to make sure there aren’t any other deals I can add in to make the price even cheaper.

Amazon often offers the best prices.

Amazon often offers the best price but did you know that there is a website that lets you find out what the best deals of the day are on Amazon? You can find it on This website has some good advice as well as helping you find the best deals for shopping on Amazon.

Another site I check out is There you will find more than 400,000 coupon codes for more than 100,000 retailers. There is even a tool you can add to your Web browser that alerts you if you’re shopping at a site for which there’s a code. I find that this site is always worth taking a few minutes to check out, even if it’s just to get free shipping. is similar to They have thousands of codes for popular retailers, many of them originally uploaded by customers who received them by email or snail mail.

It becomes a game to first find exactly what you want and then to whittle even more money off the price with a quick Web search or two. I check out a handful of sites and rely on them to provide me with codes, if one comes up empty I try another. Sometimes I just Google to see if anyone has a discount code, for example, try a search term like, “discount code Staples”. Many folks say “I never pay retail”, it’s even better to say, “I never pay the sale price”!

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