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Today I have another guest post written for me by Melissa Schraiber.

Summer is a great time to dress up your outdoor area, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Using a little creativity, upcycling items and utilizing online discounts, you can make a fantastic retreat right in your own backyard. Here are four ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Set Up an Outdoor Movie Theater

Find a spot in your yard where you can project a movie onto a screen. Depending on the color and style of your home, you might be able to project the film onto the side of your house. If that won’t work, build a simple frame using 2×6-inch pine boards. Secure the corners with brackets. Then, attach a piece of curtain fabric, a panel of vinyl or white, seamless paper like photographers use for backdrops.

Spread a blanket on the ground for the kiddos, add some comfortable lounge chairs for the adults and you’re set for a summer film fest that will be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.

Make a Personal Fire Pit

If you want to add ambience to an outdoor space with a fire pit but don’t want to invest a lot of money in a pricey model, try making your own. It’s easy and super cheap. Start by making a four-sided cube using silicon glue and the glass from four 8×10-inch picture frames. Glue the cube to the top of an inexpensive,  metal garden planter. Place a can of gel fireplace fuel in the middle of the planter and top it with some metal mesh. Add a handful or two of heavy, decorative rocks, and you’re in business.

For the maximum in safety, it’s wise to make the pit large enough so that the flame doesn’t come in direct contact with the glass.

Serve Up a Cocktail

Construct a simple cabinet for your patio where you can store bar implements. Use pine to make a rectangular frame. You can add more pieces of wood to make additional shelving inside the frame. Add a fold-down shelf using brass hinges attached to the bottom of the frame. Use chain or rope to help hold the shelf in place. Attach the compact “bar” to the side of your house, and you’ve got a great place to store mixers, alcohol and beautiful stemware, which you can purchase inexpensively using Kohls coupons or other online discount.

Create an Outdoor Room

Make the outdoors as cozy as the inside with do-it-yourself furniture that mimics the indoor variety, but costs much, much less. Make an outdoor sectional sofa by stacking three wooden pallets on top of one another and secure with screws. Paint it or stain it if you like. Then add a colorful cushion. If you find a good buy on the right sized outdoor cushion, go for it. Otherwise, consider making one using foam and outdoor fabric from an arts-and-crafts store.

Next, add a couple of tables made from whisky barrel planters and glass table toppers. Put some pretty flowers on the tables for decoration, and you’ll have added square footage to your home in less than an afternoon.

By thinking creatively and finding unique ways to use and reuse items, you can add some fun to your outdoors areas this summer. And if you do have to buy something from a retail store, remember to look for coupons and online discounts to help save on costs.


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