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I know many of you are sick of winter already and tired of all the snow and cold weather we’ve been getting.Jack Frost I love all the seasons except mud season! To me February means we’re finally getting some good snow and the temperatures are a little warmer. My garden is slowly disappearing under all the snow we’ve been getting. It’s going to be a long time before we’re enjoying any meals at the picnic table.Picnic Table

My husband and I try to get out and snow shoe whenever possible. We are lucky as we can just walk out our door and put our snowshoes on and go out into the woods. I love snowshoeing through the woods when the snow is coming down and it is so quiet.snowshoeing I also enjoy those beautiful blue sky days when everything is crisp and clear.snowshoeing

We have an abundance of birds that flock to our feeders this time of year. The bird book is always close at hand so we can identify the various birds. The nuthatches are here every day no matter what the weather!Nuthatch We’ve also had a large flock of Redpoles and mixed in are a few of their northern cousins the Hoary Redpoles! They are very skittish and it’s hard to get a picture of them.

Red Poles


Last year I made some bird treats for Valentine’s Day and hung them in the tree. Guess I’d better get busy if I plan to make them again this year!Valentine Treats

I hope wherever you live you are enjoying this short month of February. The days are getting longer and it won’t be long before spring is here and we’re back outside in the garden! In the meantime I’m enjoying the snow!snowshoeing

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Some of you may know that my sister and I run a vacation rental home. The small house sits on property adjacent to ours.Vacation RentalFor the most part it’s worked out very well. We are located near several ski areas and we have a good flow of renters using the house during the winter to ski. Usually the renters respect the house and treat it well but every once in a awhile we’ll get some renters that leave the house in terrible shape.rental house

Several weeks ago we had just such renters. Not only did they leave the house a mess but they set off firecrackers inside the house!Evidence of firecrackers If that wasn’t enough they left two pots so badly burned with caked on food I thought we would have to throw them out!dirty pots in the sink

However after doing some searching I found several suggestions for cleaning burnt pans.dirty pots

The first suggestion was to soak the pan overnight with some dish washer detergent overnight. That did not work.

Second suggestion was to use equal amounts of white vinegar and water. First you fill the bottom of the pan with your water and then add the vinegar.Soak the pot in vinegar and water Bring the pot to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat and add 2 Tbsp of baking soda, expect some fizzing! Empty the pan and scour as normal. If there is still some stubborn marks you can make a paste of baking soda and a couple of drops of water. Leave the paste in place for a while and then clean as normal.

I was amazed that I was able to clean the pot! Cleaned potHopefully the next tenants will leave the house in better shape!

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Restoring a wool sweater is possible! Have you ever washed a wool sweater in the washing machine? Not on purpose of course, but one of those moments where you are in a hurry and the wool sweater accidently gets tossed in the wash. Perhaps it even got tossed into the dryer and came out looking like a doll sweater? did you know it is possible to restore a wool sweater?

Last year I accidentally washed my son’s favorite wool sweater. The problem was that he has two gray sweaters; one can go into the wash while the other one must be hand washed. I was in a hurry and washed the wrong sweater. What to do? It was a beautiful sweater so I set it aside hoping to find something I could do with it.

sweaters, storing a wool sweater

A year later my girlfriend calls me up and tells me she did the same thing, washed her favorite wool sweater. Only she spent a little time on the Internet and found a solution!

You just soak the sweater in warm water and conditioner and the yarn will relax and return to it’s original shape. Was I ever skeptical! However, I love my son and it was worth trying to see if I could restore his favorite sweater to it’s original size.

Put enough warm water in the sink to allow you to completely submerge the sweater. Add a bit of hair conditioner and mix it until it’s completely dissolved in the water.

restoring a wool sweater, sweater

Place your sweater in the water and make sure it is completely soaked and under the water. Let the sweater soak for 10 minutes.

restoring a wool sweate

Drain the sink while the sweater is still in it. Gently press the sweater to remove as much of the water as possible. Don’t squeeze the sweater or wring it out.

restoring a wool sweate

Remove the wet sweater and lay it on a thick, absorbent towel. Put the sweater in a cool room to air dry on the towel. The combination of the warm water, hair conditioner and cool air will unlock the wool fibers and allow you to restore the sweater.

knit, yarn

Sweater Restored!

Gradually stretch the sweater back into shape as it dries. Gently pull a bit at a time to resize it. Let the sweater air dry until it is ready to wear.

restoring a wool sweate

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