Filling Water Jug

Sometimes it seems that the unexpected is the only constant in life. While you can never be fully prepared for every unexpected occurrence in your life, there are many cases where it’s better and much easier to be safe than sorry. Below are a few different ways you can prepare for the unexpected and minimize the damage of fate. Natural Disasters Preparing for natural disasters is a fairly simple, straightforward task. First and foremost, having a supply of clean drinking water is absolutely essential. Second, you’ll want to make a few different plans attached to different potential hazards. For example, make a plan for what your family will do if there’s an earthquake in your area. Establish a family meeting spot in case you get separated. Next, you’ll need to assess what types of supplies you’ll need for each scenario, and what type of food storage is most feasible for you to keep on hand. If possible, gather the needed supplies and food storage and put them in a spot that is easy to access in an emergency. Lastly, it’s important to have an out-of-state contact who you can rely on to have on call should you require outside assistance. Read More […]

Mt. Rainier

For the past two weeks I was blessed to be able to enjoy a wonderful time in the Pacific Northwest. Our youngest son graduated from Seattle Pacific University and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than a family vacation in the Cascades of Washington. All four of our children are now living in either Oregon or Washington and they just love it. They are constantly sending us real estate ads and saying “this could be your next home!” We had a fun time spending three days in Seattle attending the various graduation activities and doing a little exploring. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I think we only had a few sprinkles one morning. After the graduation we headed to the mountains. With the exception of one son in law who was away on business we had everyone join us, our two daughters, a son in law, two grandchildren, our two sons and one of our son’s girlfriend. What a great week. There was limited Wi-Fi which actually was perfect. No one could spend time on the Internet! Instead we just enjoyed each other’s company. We explored Mt. Rainier.Enjoyed a peaceful day at Riffe Lake.And spent a day exploring Read More […]

Sesame Sweet Chicken

Sesame Sweet Chicken is another family favorite. I have been making this recipe for years. It’s a perfect marinade for chicken when you’re hosting a group of friends and you’re planning to cook on the grill. I mix up the marinade the day before the party. Then I pound the chicken thin and place in a bowl or large glass dish. Cover the chicken with the marinade and turn to coat it well. Cover with plastic and marinate overnight. If you are in a rush you can marinate it for just an hour but overnight is best! Sesame Sweet Chicken 3 pounds of chicken (boneless thighs or breasts) ½ cup hoisin sauce ¼ cup honey 3 Tbsp lime juice 2 Tbsp soy sauce 1 Tbsp chopped ginger 1 Tbsp toasted sesame seeds ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tsp paprika Arrange the chicken in a bowl or shallow dish. Combine the remaining ingredients in a small bowl and pour over your chicken. Coat the chicken well and cover with plastic wrap. Marinate in the refrigerator for at least an hour, overnight is better. Prepare your grill. Remove the chicken from the marinade and grill for about five per side or until Read More […]


 Welcome to Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop #3! For the last two weeks I have been on the west coast exploring the Cascades in Washington. We were celebrating our youngest son’s graduation from college and had a family vacation with all four children, two son-in-laws, a new girlfriend and our two grandchildren. It was a wonderful vacation, limited wifi but that didn’t matter we hiked, played games and just enjoyed each others company. Can’t wait to do it again. Now I’m home and it’s time to get back to work! I hope you join us this week for Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop! The name has changed, the rules are the same and all the great co-hosts have jumped back on board to share your posts throughout blog land. Tracy for Our Simple Homestead will be taking over the reins of the hop and  we will continue it each and every Thursday morning. Thank you for sharing your homesteading, homemaking, and homeschooling posts with us each week! It’s so much fun to read your hints, tips, and happenings! Each week I will feature our most visited post from the week before, which also linked back to the hop, and my weekly favorite. I hope you Read More […]

Dandelion Wine

I have never tried Dandelion wine until last summer when friends of ours brought over a bottle to share. It was sweet and nice to sip on at the end of our dinner. They talked about how easy it was to make and I decided to give it a try myself. I always love making something new! Dandelions are also high in calcium, protein and vitamin A, not to mention the medicinal benefits to dandelion wine. Plus, it’s so easy to make! Collecting the dandelions was easy – we have a field full! When collecting the blossoms be sure not to use any flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides! You will need about 3 quarts of dandelion flowers. We collected them in the morning so the blooms were fresh. Separate the yellow flowers from the green sepals (the little green leaves under the flowers). The green sepals are bitter in flavor and you don’t want them to put that flavor into your wine! Put the flower petals in a one-gallon crock and pour 1 gallon of boiling water over them. Make sure the dandelion flowers are fully covered and soaking in the boiling water. Cover and steep for three days. After three Read More […]

My workout buddy!

I don’t talk very often about my Beachbody involvement. Maybe I should? It has changed my life! I became involved in Beachbody in February. My daughter was a coach and she was holding a 21 Day Fix Challenge group. I knew I had weight to loose and figured I could do anything for 21 days! You may wonder what the 21 Day Fix is all about. It is not another diet, it’s about eating just the right portions, and following a simple 30-minute workout each day and enjoying a nutritious shake each day. The simple eating plan takes you step by step through the process and makes portion control so easy you won’t even have to think about it. Instead you can just enjoy delicious, healthy food without counting points or calories! The simplicity of this program equals success. I started seeing results immediately! The exercises vary each day and include total body cardio, upper body, lower body, Pilates and Yoga. In the four months I have been following this program I have lost over 20 pounds and a total of 19 inches! My clothes are now too big and I feel so much stronger and have so much more Read More […]

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